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Number of Articles: 7
1. Validation of C-test Among Afghan Students of English as a foreign Language

Volume 11, Issue 2, October 2021, Pages 109-121

Mohammad Kabir Rasoli

2. Investigating the Validity of Partial Dictation as a Test of Overall Language Proficiency

Volume 9, Issue 2, October 2019, Pages 44-56

Anoushe Yazdinejad; Mitra Zeraatpishe

4. An in-depth Insight into EFL University Students’ Cognitive Processes of C-Test and X-Test: A Case of Comparison

Volume 6, Issue 2, October 2016, Pages 101-112

Hamid Ashraf; Mona Tabatabaee-Yazdi; Aynaz Samir

5. Investigating Factors of Difficulty in C-Tests: A Construct Identification Approach

Volume 6, Issue 2, October 2016, Pages 113-122

Fahimeh Khoshdel; Purya Baghaei; Masoumeh Bemani

7. Validity and C-Tests: The Role of Text Authenticity

Volume 1, Issue 1, October 2011, Pages 30-41

Ebrahim Khodadady; Mahmood Hashemi