Keywords = Validity
Psychometric Evaluation of Cloze Tests with the Rasch Model

Volume 12, Issue 2, October 2022, Pages 95-106


Safa mohammed abdulridah dhyaaldian; Sura Hasan Al-Zubaidi; Dhameer A. Mutlak; Nour Raheem Neamah; ALI A. MOHAMMED ALI ALBEER; Doaa A. Hamad; Saad Fadhil Al Hasani; Mustafa Musa Jaber; Hatem Ghaleb Maabreh

Investigating Fairness of Reading Comprehension Section of INUEE: Learner’s Attitudes towards DIF Sources

Volume 10, Issue 2, October 2020, Pages 88-100

Seyed Mohammad Reza Amirian; Behzad Ghonsooly; Seyedeh Khadijeh Amirian

Translation Quality Assessment Rubric: A Rasch Model-based Validation

Volume 10, Issue 2, October 2020, Pages 101-128

Aynaz Samir; Mona Tabatabaee-Yazdi

The Impact of Construct-Irrelevant Factors on the Validity of Reading Comprehension Tests

Volume 10, Issue 1, March 2020, Pages 1-10

Zahra Ahmadjavaheri; Mitra Zeraatpishe

Comparing the Psychometric Characteristics of Speeded and Standard C-Tests

Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2017, Pages 40-50

Anita Fadaeipour; Zahra Zohoorian

Understanding the Cognitive Processes Underlying Performance in the IELTS Listening Comprehension Test

Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2017, Pages 62-72

Mohammad Ghahramanlou; Zahra Zohoorian; Purya Baghaei

Expanding Traditional Testing Measures with Tasks from L2 Pragmatics Research

Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2014, Pages 26-49

Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig; Sun-Young Shin