Classroom Translation Assessment Techniques: How Can We Tell What/How Our Students Are Translating?

Document Type : Original Research Article


Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch, Faculty of Foreign Languages, English Translation Department


Translation assessment has usually been problematic for theoreticians, curriculum developers and university lecturers. In this study, we propose methods for translation assessment. The authors search to elaborate assessment aspects of translation to reduce rater subjectivity in scoring and define what factors should be taken into account in assessing translated texts by developing a new model for the evaluation and scoring of translations. Accordingly, the existing methods for the assessment and evaluation of translations were reviewed and subsequently, two questionnaires were administered to a total of number of 10 translation lecturers inquiring about their methods for assessing students' translations and about 45 translation students about the way their instructors assess their translation tasks. Based on the results obtained from both questionnaires and also the existing scales of assessment, the study shows a significant difference
between the views of the two groups under investigation.