Plagiarism Policy

Editorial Board of International Journal of Language Testing (IJLT) is seriously concerned about plagiarism and other forms of fraud and misconduct in academic publishing. IJLT employs Grammarly Software for such a plagiarism screening. IJLT identifies that plagiarism is not bearable and therefore establishes the following policy when plagiarism is recognized in a paper that is submitted for publication in IJLT:



Plagiarism involves the “process or practice of using another person's ideas or work and pretending that it is one's own original work” [Cambridge Dictionary, 2020].



Papers must be original, unpublished, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. If a paper is found to have plagiarism or to use third-party material without consent or adequate acknowledgment, and where the authorship of the work is questioned, the IJLT has the right to retract the paper; appraise the matter with other fitting legal actions. When plagiarism is identified, the Editor-in-Chief of IJLT is responsible for the review of the paper and will agree on measures according to the extent of plagiarism detected in the paper in agreement with the following levels of plagiarism:


Level 1: Minor Plagiarism

A short paragraph or a sentence of another manuscript is plagiarized without any significant data or ideas taken from the other papers or publications.

Punishment: A warning is given to the authors and a request to change/modify the manuscript and properly cite the original sources.


Level 2: Intermediate Plagiarism

A significant data, paragraph, or sentence of a paper is plagiarized without proper citation to the original source.

Punishment: The submitted manuscript is automatically rejected.


Level 3: Severe Plagiarism

A large portion of a paper is plagiarized that involves many aspects such as reproducing original results (data, formulation, statement, etc.), ideas, and methods presented in other publications.

Punishment: The paper is automatically rejected and the authors are forbidden to submit further articles to the Journal.


International Journal of Language Testing (IJLT) is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. In order to ensure the outcome of providing our readers with an academic journal of high quality, IJLT is guided by the publication ethics principles. To see the IJLT publication ethics and malpractice statement click here.