The Impact of Electronic–Based Dynamic Assessment on the Listening Skill of Iranian EFL Learners

Document Type : Original Research Article


English Department, Torbat-e Heydarieh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Iran.


This study investigated the impact of electronic–based dynamic assessment on the listening skill of Iranian EFL learners to achieve this goal, a group of 40 female EFL upper-intermediate students(aged between 26 to 38 years old) from to language institutes were selected as the participants of the study after administering a Quick Placement Test(QPT)to a larger population of EFL learners (N=65).All of the selected to female EFL upper intermediate student were administered a Listening Test (IELTS Format) as the pretest and posttest to assess the participants' listening comprehension . Participants were divided in two control (N=20) and experimental (n=20) groups. The learners in experimental group were taught the listening skill via Dynamic Assessment through virtual electronic- based classroom and the learners in control group were taught listening skill via traditional dynamic assessment in a physical language classroom. A quasi-experimental pretest and post-test design was employed. After three – month study, the participants in experimental group meaning that electronic –based dynamic assessment can significantly affect the listening skill of Iranian EFL learners.